Kodak 320TXP ~ 5×4 50 Sheets ~ Dated 03/18 ~ VERY SPECIAL LIMITED OFFER!!!

£99.99 Inc. vat

This offer courtesy of Kodak Alaris who found these boxes in their store room and offered them to us at an incredible price…we are passing on to you roughly a 33% saving on this fantastic film

We’re sure you already know this but 320TXP has traditionally been THE film of choice for the great portrait photographers and has long been regarded as the superior of the Tri-X family.

Featuring excellent tone gradation and brilliant highlights.  It is especially well suited to low-flare interior lighting or flash illumination.  It is also useful for portraiture with low-contrast backlighting outdoors.

TRI-X 320 Film (320TXP) comes in sheets on a 7-mil KODAK ESTAR Thick Base.  You can retouch this film on the emulsion or base side.

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