Kodak 5207 Vision3 250D ~ 30 Exp

£4.75 Inc. vat

Arguably the most usable of the Vision3 films….this is the first colour film I go for when not shooting black and white…

Fresh stock from the motion picture industry, a 250asa daylight balanced colour negative film that offers outstanding performance in the extremes of exposure — including increased highlight latitude that also gives reduced grain in shadows, and like all Vision films, lovely contrast and colours.

Spooled here at Nik & Trick ready for use in any 35mm camera that is able to accept non-DX coded films.

Developing info HERE

Please note that this film has a protective Remjet coating and cannot be processed in a minilab…it’s easy for the home developer to deal with or it can be returned to us for developing. Nothing to worry about whatsoever!

Kodak’s info here

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