Kodak 5213 Vision3 200T ~ 35mm 30exp ~ Fresh UK Stock

£5.25 Inc. vat

Another from the stable of Kodak’s latest motion picture stock.  This can was actually left over from some special effects sequences of the Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” recently shot in the London studio.

This film is formulated for use with tungsten lighting and not daylight.  But it gives a really funky colour shift in daylight photography that is rather nice…

Lomo eat your heart out!


We send these out with information sheets or return to us using this FORM!

Please note that this film has a protective Remjet coating and cannot be processed in a minilab…it’s easy for the home developer to deal with using one of our ECN2 kits or it can be returned to us for developing.  Nothing to worry about whatsoever!

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