Kodak New Ektachrome E100 ~ 120 Single Roll

£13.00 Inc. vat

Our good friend at Kodak Alaris tells us that this emulsion is even nicer than the 35mm with superb colouration that they reckon is going to be adored by professional photographers….


Anyhow,  here’s the bumpf…

“From studio to location, fashion to landscapes.  New KODAK PROFESSIONAL EKTACHROME Film E100 delivers outstanding image quality and performance:

  • Virtually grainless scans and enlargements
  • Clean, bright whites
  • Moderately enhanced colour
  • Neutral tone scale
  • Outstanding skin tone reproduction

…which pretty much reflects the findings from the beta rolls we tested for them.  Proudly so as we cherish the special relationship we have with Kodak Alaris 🙂

You can also return your films here for E6 processing if you would like…we’d like that as we have strived very hard to deliver to you a full and professional service.  So there!

Oh one final thing click the word for the Datasheet

Five pack shown but lisitng is for ONE roll!

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