Kodak 5219 Vision3 500T 35mm – 30Exp.

£4.75 Inc. vat

Let’s leave it to Kodak to describe this tungsten balanced colour negative film:  “VISION3 500T Color Negative Film is specifically created for both traditional and digital postproduction.  Offering wider latitude, superior shadow and highlight detail, and excellent tone scale and flesh-to-neutral reproduction.

VISION3 Films are also engineered to maintain neutrality through the full range of exposure, allowing you more flexibility from capture to post.”  This is the film that Cinestill convert to their 800T by removing the remjet prior to shooting…we think that the results attained from shooting these films without having been modified are far superior…

See product gallery for some of our own test shots taken on a variety of cameras and processed as annotated per shot….

Please be aware that we do NOT physically have the time to push process these films.  If you raise the film speed and send it to us for processing it will be developed as per any other film!!!

Not suitable for cameras, usually later models, where DX coding cannot be overruled

Please note that this film has a protective Remjet coating and cannot be processed in a minilab…it’s easy for the home developer to deal with, we do send out a guide with each purchase, or it can be returned to us for developing.   Nothing to worry about whatsoever!

By leaving the Remjet on, this film can be used as intended and will not be adversely affected by direct light as can happen to Cinestill stock.


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