Motion Picture Remjet Films ~ Dev Only 35mm

£7.30 Inc. vat

Another specialist service from Nik & Trick…also a process that requires some hands on processing, turnaround times my therefore take a bit longer.

We process remjet films using genuine Kodak ECNII Remjet Pre-Bath for cleanest results.  We then process in a CD3 based first developer which is closer to the original ECN2 process.

As we transition this process many films will actually be processed in full on ENC2 chemicals….

This offers much improved contrast that is less harsh as well as delivering more natural, and richer colours, with highly reduced risk of the blue colour cast than can so often occur when processing in C41 developer with these films.

Please be aware that we do NOT physically have the time to push process these films.  If you raise the film speed it will be developed as per any other film!!!

Please quote your order number when sending your films in  Download full price list and postal form HERE!

Please Note: Non Nik & Trick spooled remjet films will incur a £4.99 surcharge. Our own vision film stocks are freshly sourced from a Kodak agent whereas there are suppliers that are selling inferior out of date products that can result in poor quality final results for which we cannot be held responsible.

Recorded Delivery Return Postage in the UK or Tracked International Postage Only….Postage Price will be valid for 1 to 20 films.