Nik & Trick’s Filmotech DP-31 ~ 30 Exposures

£4.88 Inc. vat

Supplied now as 30 exposure rolls!

Originally a duplicating film DP-3, is manufactured on a neutral triacetate Safety Base and is aimed at the production of highly detailed intermediate positives in the motion picture industry.  We have acquired a stock of this and “evolved” it for stills photography.

Due to is panchromatic sensitisation we find it brilliant at producing well-balanced grey values referring to original colours. Special features of this film are the excellent resolving power and the extraordinary fine grain.

For best results process in Kodak Xtol or RO9 (Rodinal), bear in mind that we’re the first to make this lovely film available publicly and will be expanding the knowledge base on development as we go.

So far it can be rated at 3, 6, 12 and is lovely at 25asa….we have just found that it is brilliant for portraits!

Developing Times:

Xtol / Eco-Dev   1+1          6asa                 8.5 mins 20c

ID11 / D76 Stock               6asa                    8 mins 20c

Xtol / Eco-Dev  1+1           12asa           12-13 mins 20c

Xtol / Eco-Dev  1+1         25asa                22 mins 20c


30 in stock (can be backordered)