Nikon F3 c/w MD-4 Winder & 50mm f1.8 Pancake Lens ~ Gorgeous!

£425.00 Inc. vat

Well let’s just say that far from the many beaten up old hacks that so often come up for sale at high prices, this one is in really great condition.

There was a little brassing but that’s had the benefit of the touch up pen just for aesthetics, other than that it’s clearly been loved and looked after.

Winder works fine, LCD is good and strong, and it has the much sought after 50mm “pancake” lens.

We have of course fitted new batteries, new light seals and mirror foam so this one is ready to go another few decades!

One quick note, we don’t have the winder cover cap so but are on the look out for one now….when we find one it’s yours!

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