Nikon F3/T HP Titanium Black ~ New Seals & Batteries ~ New Shutter!!!

£999.99 Inc. vat

So as you can tell from the title there’s a story behind this rather special camera….

We don’t need to tell you what it is, you can look that up or will already know but we bought this Titanium bodied F3 off a guy who had been a bit of a twit and had put his finger through the shutter curtain.  Heartbreaking, for him and to see a camera in this condition in that situation.

Luckily we had a customer in Spain who was in possession of a BRAND NEW GENUINE NIKON SHUTTER and a deal was duly done.

It was then passed to the genius Miles Whitehead who rebuilt this into a fully functional  and properly and fully operational camera.

Since that rebuild it has shot just two films!

With perfect results obviously….but now it is time to offer it to a new home.

It is in near mint condition, a few really minor edge rubs but nothing of note.  Benefits also from new light seals and batteries.

So how do you price something like this?  We looked around, we also looked at Grays website and when we could sit up again have settled on the price shown and feel that by comparison the famous London dealer it could even be too low.

Anyway, this is mechanically and electronically as good as they come.  Hand built by a proper engineer!

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