Nikon FM3a Chrome Body ~ Pristine in Box ~ Almost Unused

£786.00 Inc. vat

It’s difficult to price them when they’re like this….on the social media everyone says “See Ebay sold listings”….So we did.

Thus our price is set to the closest like for a number of like for like condition as this that sold FM3a…the ones we could that we could find.

Even then from the Japanese dealers only.  Of course….if you bought one from Japan you’d get hit for about 22% in taxes and fees so that fits with some of the four figure sums we observe in the upper hemisphere.

So anyway about this camera, acquired from a customer who said he’d never used it.  Who knows? But we won’t lie because we used this gorgeous camera so it comes film tested even!  😀

Check pictures and you will see what lush condition this is in.  Prices on these are still on the up and up it just doesn’t seem to stop so we are a little bit wary about actually letting it go.

Out of stock