Olympus OM-4T (OM4Ti) in Champagne c/w Zuiko 50mm f1.8 ~ Great Deal!

£299.95 Inc. vat

A fanatical following for these in recent years has seen prices skyrocket so we’re happy to have been able to offer a few lately.

The `T’ model is the American market version of the OM-4Ti…same camera and this one, as you can see is not mint, for it’s age it is in very good condition and is fully operational and working well.  The viewfinder is lovely, nice and clear and sharp too with bright easy to read lcd display.

So, that’s what you want for using this as an everyday top notch camera.

Light seals were good so just a set of new batteries saw this up and running nicely…oh, and we replaced the hard to find winder cap!

Comes with nice clean 50mm f1.8, genuine Olympus skylight.

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