Olympus OM2 MD in Black c/w 50mm Zuiko f1.8, New Case, New Eyepice ~ Boxed, Near Perfect!

£459.99 Inc. vat

A remarkable find we think you’ll agree,  Everything you see here is in the condition you would expect had it just come of the original retailers shelf.

Everything boxed and even the boxes are in great condition!  Everything mint, near mint or perfect, however you like to describe it.  All the original papers, body and lens caps and even the plastic bit that protects it’s base and new unopened strap and case.  Totally beautiful.

Even this beauty didn’t do the “time warp” completely so we have had our genius engineer fit a new prism and calibrate the meter, we have also fitted new batteries and new light seals so this surely is as good as they come until the factory starts making them again….and even if they did start making them new, they would cost several times more!

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