ORWO N75 35mm 320/400asa ~ 100ft / 30.5m Bulk Roll

£74.50 Inc. vat

This is the next evolution and replacement for Orwo’s legendary high speed black-and-white panchromatic camera film…with a native asa of 320 in daylight it will happily shoot at 400asa too.

The factory informs us that it is a marked advance over its predecessor, thanks to improved slippage, extremely low shedding and excellent anti-static qualities all of which are more meaningful to the motion picture industry it is made for than us in the stills world!

But for us it means a film that is great  for both outdoor and indoor usage and having a wide exposure latitude it becomes especially suitable for use under low light illumination and difficult light conditions.

Brand new to the UK market and unique in this hand rolled form ready for use in any 35mm camera…noting that we use recycled cans and there is no DX coding!

The product manager at the Filmotech factory informs us that Development Times are pretty much as per N74.

So far we have tested only one roll but results have been very lovely 🙂  as you can see from the sample shots off that film that was developed in Bellini Hyrdofen 1+39 for six minutes.  The factory recommended developer is the standard for the motion picture industry and we stock that in the form of Bellini D96….


We also offer this film in bulk 100ft cans

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