Replacement Light Seal Kit ~ Pentax 67 (6×7)

£15.25 Inc. vat

Incredibly accurately cut, ready to use replacement foam gasket light seal kit for Pentax 6×7 and 67…Includes replacement seals for rear door and prism finder.

DIY install to save time and money. Will prevent the rattling rear door issue and keep film safe from light leaks.

Two foam kits are included, so you don’t have to worry if you make a mistake!

So you could you can use one for practice in order to perfect fitting or even seal a second camera or finder!

Will only fit Pentax 67 and 6×7. This kit does NOT fit Pentax 67 II.

(This item is a lazer cut “custom kit” and not genuine Pentax parts.)


Please not that we now offer Isopropanol, the best thing to clean out old light seals etc HERE

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