Pentax 6×7 MLU c/w Metered Head, Ring & 55mm F4 (our fav!) ~ Excellent+++

£855.50 Inc. vat

Okay well we’re guessling that first of all you’re looking at the price….the demand for these now clearly evidencing the full on rise of film photography.  It’s getting harder to stock these now due to the ever increasing value so this may well be the last one for quite a while.

We’ve done a lot of looking around (as usual!) and this is now the way things are with these beasties.  In fact as a dealer we’re too nervous and this camera, for one of this specification and this condition is quite underpriced by comparision.

So about this example:  it’s not mint but it sure is in a lovely condition!   Showing a couple of little marks….these mark easy by the way so this shows previous care for this camera.  There’s atiny bump to the head, more a dimple than a dent and not unsightly.

There is no brassing, it is clean and tidy with a nice clear viewfinder.  The 55mm wide angle we went for this time….one to keep the price lower but also…this is our favourite lens for these, the one on ours is rarely changed for anything else.

Metering looks to be fine on a new battery and the oversized optional speed selector ring is fitted.  A hard to find item as it happens!

So all in all it’s the full monte…comes with genuine Pentax lenscap and the other costly accessory…..strap with the correct strap lugs, a very nice one too.

We shall also throw in a one of our precision light seal kits to cover for the possibility that in may be required but that may not be the case.

Please do NOT use Paypal to purchase this item…it’s costs a packet.  We’ll send you some free film if you pay by card or bank transfer and we can also look after you better than any online corporate!

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