Pentax LX c/e FA-1W Finder & SMC-M 50mm f1.7 ~ Very Nice in Special New Leather

£349.99 Inc. vat

This poor camera came to us in desperate need of some TLC……and that is exactly what it received 🙂

It’s poor shutter had the sticky problem… resolved

It was missing a rewind lever….now resolved, not an LX one but at least a genuine Pentax one that suits really well.

It was missing some leather…now resolved, we thought we’d spoil it and fitted the lovely luxurious lizard embossed kit from our stocks.  It’s really smart too.

These were so well engineered there is never a need to do light seals but it’s all bright and clean and clear in the viewfinder with nice strong leds and no dust.

All in all we hope that someone will take this and give it a caring home….it after all a Pentax LX, one of the finest 35mm slr ever made. legendary.  🙂

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