Pentax LX Replacement Leather ~ Precision Cut Self Adhesive Various Colours

£19.99 Inc. vat

The Pentax LX was one of the best engineered cameras ever.  And then Pentax covered it with cheapo vinyl!

Here is a far superior replacement…real leather!  We can also get this for the winder if required.

Beautifully made from real cowhide these kits are much better than the original coverings fitted by the manufacturers.

Precision cut and self adhesive they are an exact fit every time.

Stock levels are as shown.  We shall be expanding the range of colours and textures as per the drop down but this will take time.  If there is one you specifically want then we can add that to our next order (happens about once per month)

Note:  If you want an original look leather then order black crinkle!

Fitting advice:  Remove old covering and clean clean clean, get all that old gunk and glue off as the new leather will not stick to it.

We find that it helps to do a little shaping for contours prior to putting it on and it pays to lick the glue side where you want to be able to reposition the new covering.

Best to leave for a few hours once your happy, you can also then just press the edges into place to smooth the cut.