Pentax SMC-M 15mm f3.8 Rectilinear Fisheye ~ Beautiful, Rare!

£649.00 Inc. vat

One of the very finest from the Pentax stable of utterly fantastic lenses.

I have one of these and it is a killer…a talking point too as folk just can’t believe what they’re seeing!  Mine however has had a lot of professional use and is not in this fantastic condition and even has the unique lens cap that often gets lost!  I’ve added a picture of my own to the gallery to help you visualise….

So it’s a fish eye…but being rectilinear, is doesn’t distort, so uprights and horizontals retain much of their natural perspective, but you can really get things to drag out into the corners.  A very very wide angle, occasionally I get my feet in the bottom of the photo!

You can use this all day long due to the lack of distortion and what makes it really handy are the built in filters, UV, Skylight, Yellow and orange.

Will post a couple of sample shots from my own identical version (shot on Fuji Venus 800) 🙂

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