PhotoKlassik International ~ Analogue Photography Magazine ~ Issue Two

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Issue one was very very well received and issue two looks even better….this is shaping up to be the best magazine about film photography there is.

Issue two features our own beloved Terry Smith for the first time and is filled with great content from cover to cover.  A worthy purchase indeed, we are excited to play our modest part in this and are looking forwards to more participation in coming issues 🙂

The production quality alone justifies the price.  130 pages of a beautiful publication that is a cross between a book and a magazine!

Published quarterly you can also subscribe by clicking the work HERE!

Inside you will find works from portfolios of great photographers, features on gear and film talk and general news and articles from the world of analogue photography…


Here’s a review of the first issue by Terry Smith:

“Recently returned to Folkestone from his visit to Fotokina, my good friend Richard Taylor loaned me a copy of the first edition of PhotoKlassic International and I want to tell you that I think you’ve done a terrific job with it.

The quality of the printing, the talented photographers you’ve chosen to showcase, and the way you’ve interspersed their photographs with technical articles all adds up to a superb product…I particularly like the work of Andrew Sanderson.

The opening shot of the little boy on the woodland path is reminiscent of W. Eugene Smith’s ‘A Walk to Paradise Garden’; ‘Boy at Train Window’ would not have looked out of place in MOMA’s 1955 ‘The Family of Man’; and ‘Sheep Family’ is delightful (Andrew might like to look at the work of James Ravilious if he doesn’t already know it). Altogether, a thoroughly appealing spread – and just my cup of tea!

The ‘AfrikaBurn’ spread by Steven Morrow is also eye-catching (particularly the opening portrait); and I rather liked Benjamin MacMaster’s approach to photography as featured in the article ‘Street Photography Today’ (incidentally, it was pleasing to see the use of a quote from Tony Ray-Jones under your headline – I wonder how many of your readers know just what a fine and influential body of work he left in his short life.)

Oh, and by the way, your cover shot of Charys Schuler was pretty good too!

I wish you the very best of luck with PhotoKlassik International. It thoroughly deserves to succeed.

Best regards,
Terry Smith
Oct. 4, 2018″

We hope that sums it up nicely 🙂

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