Pontiac Bloc-Metal 45 ~ Very Rare 6×9 Folding Camera on 620 Film

£52.50 Inc. vat

A rare camera.   Made by a company set up in Paris in 1938 by M. Laroche, this particular example dates from 1945 give or take a few weeks.  An evocative time in the great scheme of things…

It appears that the Pontiac was adopted as the he was a big fan of the styling of the American cars and that seems to be reflected in the styling of this camera…one that we have seen quoted as one of the most elegant 6×9 folders ever made.

Truth is, that lens, although nice and clean and clear wasn’t really up to much from new, so this is not going to set the world on fire now!

Condition is good throughout, bellows look intact, speeds all work well and none appear to be overly slow so we have cleaned it up with metal polish and re-blacked the painted areas, just because we wanted to see it looking good too!

Missing the carry handle sadly, and the opening mechanism which is cleverly, the prop to stand it upright (why can’t they all be like that??) are the only not so good points.

All the functions appear to be working a treat and we really love the depth of field dial on the top….why can’t the all have that??

So, it’s a rare and unusual display piece…but more.  Not being a high value item, we want to see it taken out for a spin once in a while and can respool to 620 whenever that happens…

Not everybody has one!

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