Kodak Portra Pro 800 in 120 ~ Single Roll

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PORTRA 800 Film—for perfectly stunning results with less-than-perfect light.

We are SO impressed with this film having used it many times on commission jobs where low light has been a factor…but it is equally happy in general use and is easily the best colour print film around today.

This lovely 800asa film delivers all the advantages of a high-speed film along with finer grain, higher sharpness, and more natural skin tones and colour reproduction.

It also offers the ability to push to 1600 when you need extra speed and is ideal for long lenses, fast action, and low light, enabling you to capture shadow details without flash.

For enhanced color and natural skin tones in the most difficult lighting situations
Best-in-class underexposure latitude – Sharpest 800-speed film available

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