Remjet Dissolving Pre-Bath ~ 300ml Genuine Kodak ECN2 Pre-Wash

£4.85 Inc. vat

Especially sourced for use in our own lab and also to offer to those taking the step to develop colour motion picture film stocks at home.

This miraculous stuff is exactly what Kodak supply to the massive cine labs to remove the Remjet layer from their superb Vision films and there really is nothing like it…it even keeps the spirals clean!

Supplied here as 300ml to make up one litre in our new postage friendly bottles.

Kodak data says to use it within two weeks but to be honest that’s not far from true as we are finding that it lasts for months furthermore. our own experience with this product has shown that there is sufficient here to do 25 to 30 films at least….it depletes at around 15 to 20ml per film.

Feel free to download our datasheet showing our own procedure for dealing with Remjet removal HERE 🙂

With this plus RA4 developer on top of our established supply of Vision films,  Nik & Trick now provide an easy, cost effective solution in terms of giving film lovers full and easy access to a range of what are arguably the best colour films that money can buy!

We have now introduced and offer the only available ECN2 home processing kits by Bellini

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