Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit for 20 Films

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Discover the new Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit and turn your negatives into positives.

In a classic negative the light parts are black and the shadows are white, only once it is printed onto paper or film do you receive an accurate image so, the reverse transformation is an elegant way to bypass the negative and transform the film into a positive or slide….so far the results we at Nik & Trick have seen looks simply lovely!

Advantages of reversal processing

• High sharpness and maximum blackness (Dmax)
• Large tonal range
• High contrast range and differentiation
• Improved scanning properties

This kit will provide you with:

• Greater processing tolerance
• Shorter development times
• High yield of concentrates
• Improved shelf life

So, what films are compatible with this reversal processing kit?

The reverse processing places particular demands on the film material.  Accordingly, not every film that delivers clear, sharp negatives is suitable for reverse development.  Brilliant slides require a low emulsion fog level and high density. Suitable films have a high silver content, which is poured in a thin layer over a transparent substrate.

The Rollei Black & White Reversal Kit has been specially optimized for the following films:


Superpan 200* | Retro 80S | Retro 400S | RPX 25 | Ortho 25 | Infrared

Other Manufacturers
Agfa Copex Rapid | Ilford Delta 100 | Ilford Delta 400 | Kodak Tri-X Pan 400 | Orwo UN54

The B/W film reversal process is based on the process that has been used for over a decade by Agenzia Luce in Trieste, Italy. Compared to standard products this process features greater processing tolerance, higher lifetime and yield of the baths, and a lower impact on the environment and health. The print tone is neutral, the maximum black and tone reproduction is optimised.



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