Rollei Blackbird Creative B&W Film ~ 35mm 36 Exposures

£7.99 Inc. vat

An excellent film returns! Back to the market in limited numbers is the popular Rollei Blackbird Creative.

Dramatic light rendition, without neglecting the detail. High-resolution results, outstanding sharpness and finest grain…..

A contender for the high contrast crown held by our own FT-12 this orthopanchromatic black and white film from Rollei offers the possibility to expose images from ISO 25/15 to ISO 100/21°.

  • orthopanchromatic sensitised black-and-white negative film
  • nominal sensitivity ISO 64/19
  • extremely high resolution and low sensitive film
  • dramatic light reproduction
  • exposable from ISO 25/15° to ISO 100/21°.
  • sensitivity utilisation through development duration controllableHere’s some dev times we’ve gleaned off the web, will be asking Rollei for more!

100asa ID11 20 degrees stock 10 min

25ass ID11 20 degrees stock 6 min

100asa Xtol / Eco-Dev 20c Stock 7 min 30

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