Rollei Retro 80S ~ 35mm 36exp ~ One of the Loveliest B&W Available!

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RETRO 80S is based on the Agfa Aviphot Pan 80 emulsion, the spectral sensitivity is expanded into the near infrared range of the energy spectrum. As a result, the film offers excellent image quality through haze, fog and other difficult shooting conditions.

Due to the reduced scattering by the atmosphere, images are sharp and well defined.

• medium-speed super-panchromatic black and white film
• special coating to improve the transport properties of the film in the camera
• optimal flatness – can be used both in daylight and in artificial light without any restrictions
• due to the low blue-sensitivity of the emulsion, shots taken with a direct flash are less sensitive (this is based on using a direct flash with a colour temperature of approx. 6500K)
• extended red sensitivity up to 750 nm
• can also be used as an infrared film when used with filters
• extended exposure latitude (between 32 and 100 ISO)
• good for push/pull processing
• good tone reproduction – great maximum density
• transparent = ideal for scanning and as a slide

Advisable to load in low light due to it’s acetate base

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