Rolleiflex 3001 c/w 50mm f1.8 Planar & Charger ~ VERY RARE, Superb Condition

£585.00 Inc. vat

Firstly…be sure that this IS a 35mm camera!  Yes inspired by the amazing 6000 series and with all the advantages of a component medium format system.

This is the rare one.  Only 4500 Rolleiflex 3001 were made.

We’ve been really happy working through this range of what was, when first released in 1980, THE single most unique, innovation and advanced 35mm camera in the world.

Too advanced.  The world wasn’t ready for such a thing and people just couldn’t get their heads round it…..that, and the hideously high price pretty much set these lovely cameras out with Damacles’ sword hanging over their future.

Well, in this brave new world of film photography the current situation that you can have all of the above, you can have the best of the best lenses, mainly by Zeiss, for what we feel is a ludicrously low price.  Being rare, prices can only really go one way, more so as folk gradually come to notice their very existence!

Okay then, about this camera:  Pretty lovely condition throughout, a tiny amount of dust in each of the viewfinder.

We haven’t film tested it, will try to do so before it goes, but functions all test perfectly fine and dandy.   Good strong motor, pretty neat on the metering front too, but most importantly the battery has charged, performed well and appears perfectly more than acceptable.

This lovely and unusual camera has just had a quick service with it’s contacts all cleaned, mirrorbox adjusted, it is now fitted with a new 35mm magazine and will be sent with a charger, a new UK power cable, and a freshly recelled Nicad battery!

Before you purchase do be advised that they are a pig to load until you get the hang of how to do so and you stand to destroy a film or two!  Lenses, plenty around but prices are on the increase but then….they are of the most premium quality, having said that the same glass for Leica easily doubles.

Best thing about these?  Different, not a camera you see every day.

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