Rolleiflex 4×4 Baby Grey & Roll of Rerapan 400 127 Film ~ Lovely!

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…and the 4×4 format,  got two of these that we use and love and love to use!

This one, it’s in very good condition all over, go so far as to say excellent but not mint.  So what, it wasn’t made for looking at is was made to be used and enjoyed.

These in our humble opinion are the best of the best for street photography for example,….shooting from the hip, making no noise nor attracting attention whilst offering 3.6 times the negative area, thus quality, of 35mm via the killer Schnieder lens.

Oh yes, the shutter speeds all good.

When it comes to 127 film, yes it takes a little more effort but the rewards are tremendous on a couple of levels.  We will ALWAYS offer 127, take a look around this website to see some of them and the processing services for them 🙂

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