Street Candy ATM 400 Film ~ 35mm 36exp ~ B&W ATM Surveillance Film!

£6.25 Inc. vat

Ideal for street photography and general black & white photography, Street Candy Film ATM 400 is a panchromatic film originally used for security and surveillance cameras in banks and ATM machines, converted for use in 35mm stills cameras into recycled cassettes.


  • 400 Ilfotec DD-X     1+4        9 mins      20c
  • 400 D-76                   Stock     7.5 mins   20c
  • 400 Rodinal              1+25      6 mins      20c
  • 400 Xtol                    1+1         12 mins     20c


This film does not come with DX coding, so it’s not suitable for cameras, usually later models, where DX coding cannot be overruled…

TIPS:  The makers say that being a very thin film, “ATM 400” can be delicate to load in processing reels: you can tape a piece of thicker leader film onto it to make it easier to introduce in the reel.

Nik & Trick note…on handling the product we find it to be about the same as many other films! 

We also recommend to be careful when advancing the film lever to avoid putting too much tension on the film.

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