Ultra-Rare Grey Rolleicord Vb “Rolleicopi” Philips PM9300 Set

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This I’ve had for a number of years and used to great effect on many an occasion, often for infra-red…please study the photos and be sure you are happy before taking this on….

So, lets start with some details of the camera then follow up with what it’s all about:

Firstly, it is in superb condition, I had it serviced a couple of years back, not only is it perhaps the rarest of the rare of Rollei cameras…it’s a full fat, fully functional Vb that also demonstrates perfectly, just how good and adaptable the whole system was.

What makes this one rare is the fact that the camera and the Polaroid back have matching serial numbers, the Rolleicopi and the case are nice additions that we have picked up over the years but don’t worry about this being incomplete the full range of information on these is also incomplete!

Read on and we shall explain, some text we’ll lift from a couple of websites but we have filled in with stuff that we have found out too….so indulge me by reading on 🙂

One site states quite right correctly that “There are different accounts as to how many of these were made. Ian Parker’s Rollei TLR Collector’s Guide says two runs of 1,000 Rolleicords (with the model number “K3 Vba” were made in 1962 and 1968. However, other sources indicate that significantly fewer than this number of Rolleicopi kits were made by Philips – 350 to 450 seems to be a reasonable estimate.”

There’s also lots of other “information” out there too but we are happy with the above and what we have been told first hand as follows!

One of our customers informs that Philips had two guys smashing them up with club hammers to prevent them from getting out into public hands…this further complicates the estimating of how many were made and of course….how many escaped!

There’s another thing to throw into the arena here…with reference to the “incomplete” above, we learned from our friends in Germany that the Polizei also had the Rolleicord and the Polaroid back for photographing suspects etc…those left the factory we are told, minus the oscilloscope bits….

So all in all a big of bag of fact, rumour and mysteries…..Love it! 😀

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