VacuVin Vacuum Extra Stoppers ~ Pack of Six

£7.25 Inc. vat

Six Additional Stoppers for VacuVin Pump

These might seem like strange products for a photographic shop to be offering….BUT….bear with us here!

Like many we had issues with chemistry going off or oxidising before we got to use it… E6 chemicals could be dead in as little as two weeks, so we thought on how to prevent that.

What is the best way to prevent oxidisation?   Of course….remove the oxygen!!

So that’s when we mated these to glass bottles, notably cheap beer bottles, and immediately tripled the lifespan of our chemistry*

We told customers about this and many have found that this works a treat but they were, for some quite hard to find.

So, we found the manufacturers and have done a deal with those lovely people who are thrilled to know the use we have discovered for their product!

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