Vision & Remjet Films 35mm ~ ECN2 Processing, and Scanning & Print Services

£7.30£21.99 Inc. vat

Develop, scan and print from our top quality Pro-lab quality professional equipment…two sizes available, 6×4 & 6×9 inches from either Jpg or Tiff scans

Please note that this service is ONLY available for films that we have supplied or spooled…we are no longer prepared to process films of unknown origin that have been spooled elsewhere.

This process is undertaken using the finest ECN2 chemistry by BelliniFoto using a developer especially tuned for use in our ATL processor.

All scans are made to high quality jpg using Digital Ice to remove dust and other flaws in our magnificent Fuji SP3000 scanner….which uses Digital Ice to clean these films to a high degree and now offer you the choice of Jpg or Tiff files.

Jpgs are very good quality indeed, very sharp and detailed at around 4.5mb per file, upgrading to the lovely Tiff files gives a file of around 16mb that has even more detail and gives better flexibility when using a photo editor such as PhotoShop or Phocus etc, both will be superior to output provided by home scanners due to the incredible algorithms in this incredible machine.

There will be a surcharge for off-format films like half frame as they require hand scanning by hand

If you do identify that amazing photograph and find the need for the best possible scan to suit then we can provide those from our new Nikon 4000ED.

Please be aware that we do NOT physically have the time to push process these films.  Films that need push processing are excluded from this service as are odd sized formats such as half frame and Xpan which are catered for elsewhere in our processing services

Please quote your order number when sending your films in  Download full price list and postal form HERE!

Please Note:  Our own vision film stocks are freshly sourced from a Kodak agent whereas there are suppliers that are selling inferior out of date products that can result in poor quality final results for which we cannot be held responsible…there is a £4.99 surcharge for processing films NOT spooled by us.

Recorded Delivery Return Postage in the UK or Tracked International Postage Only….Postage Price will be valid for 1 to 20 films.