Yashica FX-D Quartz c/w ML 50mm f1,9 ~ New Light Seals, Custom Leather!!

£129.95 Inc. vat

As a kid I used to lust after one of these….and now they’re one of the best value all rounders money can buy.  It is also good to note that more and more people are recognising that…so again, prices are on the rise.

As usual this one, although bodily in super condition had the issue with it’s outfit so we decided to re-cover it and make something a tad special so now….it is in beautiful condition!

It’s in really great condition, defies it’s age with ease, lovely fast Yashica ML lens and ready to go, just a little uninteresting and insignificant mark in the viewfinder that will of course have zero affect on photos as it the light doesn’t travel that route to get to the film!

This lovely camera, which by the way is one of the best for those starting out in film photography, also now benefits from new batteries and light seals, it is now armed with the sharp ML f1.9 lens and is ready to go!

Comes with a free Yashica case 🙂

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