Used Cameras

Here you find our choice selection of used equipment there’s more in store, see our full range here:

We try ensure that our cameras are as good as they can be, most are fitted with new light seals (unless totally unnecessary) new mirror damper and batteries. Some get a funky new covering just to make sure they stand out from the crowd!

Where possible we try to film test them so as to be sure our customers are happy with their purchases

All cameras are sent using secure insured UK post

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    Super is the word! Super camera in super condition.  A camera that is much loved by people who have had one we notice. What you see is what you get, excellent condition, functionally tested with new batteries and now fitted with a nice set of new light seals and this terrific SMC-A 50mm f1.7...a cracking good sharp lens that is now much sought after for film and digital use.
  • Here is that elusive part! A lovely finishing touch to your lovely Nikon and a MUST have for people that don't want to scratch their expensive glasses. Brand new genuine Nikon part, post free in the UK (RRP is over £20 via Nikon dealers) 
  • We love these....they really are the most pleasant way to get into film photography...or to get the kids into film photography and not enough people have yet realised that. (ps if getting for the kids we have the ideal learning book to suit, just ask for details) A lovely smart little camera that comes with a great lens and couldn't be easier to use, comes complete with User Manual and Genuine Case.  Smart!  
  • A rare camera.   Made by a company set up in Paris in 1938 by M. Laroche, this particular example dates from 1945 give or take a few weeks.  An evocative time in the great scheme of things... It appears that the Pontiac was adopted as the he was a big fan of the styling of the American cars and that seems to be reflected in the styling of this that we have seen quoted as one of the most elegant 6x9 folders ever made. Truth is, that lens, although nice and clean and clear wasn't really up to much from new, so this is not going to set the world on fire now! Condition is good throughout, bellows look intact, speeds all work well and none appear to be overly slow so we have cleaned it up with metal polish and re-blacked the painted areas, just because we wanted to see it looking good too! Missing the carry handle sadly, and the opening mechanism which is cleverly, the prop to stand it upright (why can't they all be like that??) are the only not so good points. All the functions appear to be working a treat and we really love the depth of field dial on the top....why can't the all have that?? So, it's a rare and unusual display piece...but more.  Not being a high value item, we want to see it taken out for a spin once in a while and can respool to 620 whenever that happens... Not everybody has one!
  • What a lovely camera.  Seriously! Just the slightest signs of previous use... In pretty much spotless condition, we have endowed this one with a near mint lens, new batteries and new light seals. Olympus prices are fast rising now thus this one represents fantastic value...we do have a couple of nice 50mm f1.4 in stock so there is good opportunity to upgrade by arrangement ;-)
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    The up and coming 35mm slr in our opinion. We have endowed this one with nice new light seals and this lovely 50mm SMC-A lens to ensure the best results possible. Given that the lens alone is now trading for up to £60+ and the cost of light seals from us is £35 then this surely represents superb value. The camera itself shows very clear signs of previous use with marks and some brassing etc but is working very nicely and ready to roll!
  • Just back from our genius engineer...can't remember what we had done (probably a new prism and meter check) but it's been to the engineer and is now back and will pass with flying colours!! One of the earlier OM2 this camera is in very fine condition indeed.  Some slight signs of use but no "where's the tripod" scratches and more importantly, no brassing. Slight crack to the hotshoe which is totally normal for these, just about impossible to find one without! All in all this camera defies it's age with paramount ease. We have also done our usual and it is fitted with new batteries, new mirror foams and new light seals....we shall probably throw in a free Olympus ever ready case to help keep it the way it is now for as long as possible! Lovely camera, these are really increasing in value now so you won't go wrong with this one.
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    Lovely little camera, one that we refurbished a couple of years ago that is now again seeking a loving new home. All functions doing what those functions should do, good light seals (of course!) so all ready rock and roll!
  • We realise that a description really isn't needed for this but we have found them to be SO useful on our 503CX we have decided to take them into stock to share with our fellow film lovers! Self adhesive with film reminder, it is the best way to safely stash the easy to deform darkslide.
  • A very nice AE-1 in very good condition indeed. Benefits from replacement battery door, new battery and new light seals plus the lovely FD 50mm f1.8. Lovely little camera :)
  • Out of stock
    I bought one of these for Nik recently she's loving it...finding this so easy to use over everything else we tried. They have a huge clear viewfinder making framing and focussing a doddle, nice easy to manage shooting modes and being so solidly built...a reassuring feel in the handling. This one is a superb camera in very lovely condition but the baseplate shows the wear and tear missing elsewhere...(note that I have photographed it to make it look worst's not that bad really) It doesn't need light seals but will get a fresh set regardless and is all working lovely on new batteries. So, all things considered and with Pentax now making a huge comeback, and RIGHTFULLY SO!! today's marketplace we're putting a high value on this lovely camera...if you love your film cameras the way we do then you'll understand what we mean when we say that that, in the near future we know full well that we would regret letting it go for less! :-)
  • Well here it Shen Hao 5x4 that I have had from new on offer as we want to fund an Xpan. Camera fitted with Steve Hopf Ultra-Bright ground glass and kept in a costly case made for this field camera. Wista 6x9 120 roll films back and six double darkslides. Schneider Symmar-S 180mm f5.6 (superb lens) on an expensive, pretty Technika board, and a Schneider Symmar-S 210mm f5.6, the amazing portrait lens, both recently cleaned and serviced. Dark cloth, cable release (loupes I find a matter of taste and need mine so no loupe, though we can supply new if too, we can supply as much film as you can eat!). Always kept and carried in this felt lined aluminium case, all you need to get going in large format photography with top notch gear. Reluctant, possibly regretful sale! Please contact us for postal price, if you are overseas please contact us to arrange purchase and delivery