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We are now up and running with the Fuji F232b minilab and as such have a special introductory offer of just £5.85 for a C41 develop only on either 35mm or 120 a price which will include recorded UK post!

Download our order form right HERE! 

Post it in with your films and we shall contact you for payment or you can ask for a Paypal invoice….all very nice and easy!


(As we are currently still integrating our processing service into this website you can click ME to take a peek at the existing web page…)

Our Fuji SP3000 film scanner is now operating to our liking…it is a brilliant bit of kit and is producing fantastic results.  We’re just refining the medium format procedures but it is now working just lovely thank you!

Post-processing includes the option to have your files delivered even fasterdevo3b


The SP3000 is a complex film scanner, it uses a very natural colour palette so renders beautiful tones alongside amazing sharpness and detail. Just like our other specialist film scanners it uses Digital ICE technology to remove dust and scratches from colour films….and so on.  You get the picture. (excuse the pun!)




What about the other processes?

E6…slide film is still arguably the best out there.  We know this, we love it too…these will continue to be done essentially, by hand.   The machine mentioned above is pre-programmed also to run the proper six bath E6 process and we are already in touch with a supplier of that set of chemistry.  Bring it on!

Black and white….as per just about everywhere else, these need to be done by hand.  There are so many variants of film and developer combinations we use the most efficient we can find for the films that need doing.

We keep a total of eleven (yes really!) different black and white devs in order to achieve the best results we possibly can.  Xtol and HC-110 are the mainstay but D76, Perceptol, Microphen, ADXII, D76 may be used and there are also film specific developers like Adotech for CMS20 and Silvermax for it’s namesake (a beautiful combo).

All of the above can pretty much be used for formats from 110 to 10×8 and yes we will continue to offer little things such as cross-processing!

We also continue to offer other processing services that you can’t find elsewhere…for example; our specialist processing service for the now very popular Kodak Vision and other Remjet coated motion picture films.


So, rule of thumb here is that prices are very much based time as well as material costs, so outside of the near fully automated C41 process prices will by the very nature of the resources used for each process,  get a little dearer but we cater for rarer formats because we too love them!


But there will also be other things that are not commonly offered coming to Nik & Trick…black and white reversal processing for example…

We strive to be as fair as we can be and to provide the best quality as we can.  We are very confident we achieve that. 🙂