Welcome to Nik & Trick’s new blog!

/Welcome to Nik & Trick’s new blog!/

2018 What a year!  The Year of Reversal (films and processes!)

I don’t think that I personally, nor we as a team have ever shot so many films for making slides with...and not just colour E6 process films at that. Yes we all knew that a new version of Kodak Ektachrome was coming since some PR sprog at Kodak HQ in Rochester got over-excited and [...]

Colour Motion Picture Films ~ The Next Important Stage!

It’s been two years or so since we set out to discover what could be done with films such as the highly acclaimed Vision3 series by Kodak and similar stocks from Fuji. Initially playing with some out dated Vision2 stocks to cut our r&d costs but immediately getting some encouraging results. See our first blog and [...]

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Kodak Motion Picture Films – Our Vision! – Episode II

Well....since our original blog on these lovely films (Here), which includes an explanation on what Remjet is and what it does.  And now things have moved along a little... First, we have now upgraded all Kodak Vision stocks to the latest Vision3 films...we have also taken in some of the Fuji equivalent, in the form of [...]

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Nik & Trick Films – Filmotec DP-3

What is it? Filmotech DP-3 is a duplicating positive film that is used for the production of intermediate positives (master positives) in the motion picture industry. A panchromatic film for duplicating from black & white negatives as well as from colour negatives producing well-balanced grey values referring to original colours. Special features of this film [...]

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Kodak Motion Picture Films – Our Vision!

Researching these you’ll find the word REMJET thrown up as if it were a horror story - a total blockade in terms of moving forwards.   It’s as frustrating now looking back as it was then! Kodak describe Vision films as the best they’ve ever made so it didn’t seem fair that the movie industry [...]

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The forgotten asset – Tamron Adaptall lenses!

We deal in used film cameras...it’s not a secret!  Camera's are an integral and fascinating part of our business and there’s always stuff to learn...nobody knows everything and we of course are no exception to that rule and that’s what keeps it interesting. Part of being able to offer used equipment at good prices comes from buying [...]

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Something Different – Why we do FT-12!

We try everything!  Don’t forget, at heart we’re just like you guys...we love something rare and that hasn’t been tried by many. If there's some existing cult following all well and good! This one begins back in 2013 a few months after we first opened and the first of our hard-core, wanting more than the [...]

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You get what you pay for!

It's not art. Seriously....if your camera does this then it needs some tlc!   Why buy from a dealer?  We often hear some members of the public rudely announcing whist looking in our window:   "You can get it cheaper on Ebay" Maybe you can.   But the days of the dead cert Ebay bargain [...]

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We refuse to give up on 127 film!

Please note that we originally wrote this article some time ago, before the arrival of Rerapan 100 and some other film stocks. We think 127 is a lovely format and here is why: Having nearly doubled the image area of 35mm it was much favoured by slide film users. The positive taken on 127 were [...]

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