Adox Adotol-Konstant Powder Paper Developer ~ 1 or 5 Litre Pack

£3.62£5.60 Inc. vat

Another non-liquid product that we have decided to keep primarily for our overseas customers…It is also a very very good product and at a very good price….here’s the blurb:

Powder developer with high working capacity, which produces a neutral-black image tone.  It works consistently until failure and is very long-lasting.

This developer will remain fresh for a long time, even when left uncovered in a tray.

Powder developer will outlast any liquid concentrate developer in terms of shelf-stability and working capacity.

Hint: Make up the full five litres then separate into five separate one litre bottles.  If used with air tight bottles sealed with our VacuVin vacuum stoppers, this developer will remain fresh for 6 months to 1 year!

We stock this as a partner to Adox Adofix-P which is also a powder chemical…these then can be sent quite happily to our customers incurring much lower postal costs than liquid chemicals would be.

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