Black & White Processing ~ Develop & Scan AND Prints ~ Special for 127 Films

£17.10£19.79 Inc. vat

Develop, scan and print from our top quality Pro-lab quality professional equipment…there are two sizes of prints available with processing orders, if your 127 camera take anything other than square photos we will adjust the print sizes accordingly ūüôā

Note that some cropping may occur, not very much, just a little now and again!

To be developed, BY HAND, in the Nik & Trick darkroom using a top quality branded developer (usually Kodak Xtol or similarly superb branded, or film specific developer )

Scanned to high quality jpg using our magnificent Fuji SP3000 or Epson scanners (some films needing hands on scanning)…in¬† the name of simplicity we will not be discriminating between the variations of numbers and neg sizes on 120 film.

Please quote your order number when sending your films in

Recorded Delivery Return Postage in the UK or Tracked International Postage Only….Postage Price will be valid for 1 to 20 films. ¬†Larger orders will attract a discount….please contact us!

(EU postage at cost minus a little bit but will not be tracked, sorry)

Films that need push processing require individual attention and are excluded from this service as are odd sized formats such as half frame and Xpan which are catered for elsewhere in out processing services

               Download full price list and postal form HERE!