Darkroom Safelight Bulb Red 230v 15w E27 by Dr. Fischer

£16.29 Inc. vat

What a good idea!

Even better if you want to develop orthochromatic films like Washi Film or FT-12 at home….but intend to scan your films and don’t want the whole darkroom setup taking over the house!

A real darkroom lamp for working with nearly all black and white photo papers. With plastic protective cap at the bottom of the bulb to prevent white light leaking through.   Fits in a standard E27 bulb socket, this bulb is somewhat less bright than the AP photo lamp.

Notice: “Party Bulbs” are also red, but not the right type of red for photo paper.  Aside from that they have no protective cap at the bottom of the bulb (where the colour coating is often missing), and they’re much too bright.  Don’t use a party bulb on your photo paper – you’ll just end up with paper fog!

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