Ilford Ortho Plus 80 ~ Single 120 Roll

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New to the market as a rolled film, Ilford Ortho Plus is an orthochromatic black and white film with an ISO rating of 80 for daylight / natural light or 40 for use under Tungsten light sources.

Formally available as sheet film for printing and reproduction industries it was designed as a high-resolution copy film for negatives.

It offers superb photographic potential thanks to its fine grain and sharpness. the blue and green sensitivity enables the film to be handled in red safelight and allows processing by inspection. This versatile film allows you to fine-tune the contrast by the choice of developer, the exposure given and the development time.

In photography though it is suited for landscape photography, the blue and green sensitivity of this emulsion enables the film to be handled in deep red safelight conditions making processing and inspection easier.

Its lack of red sensitivity also means that reds and oranges are rendered darker with stronger contrast than standard panchromatic films.

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