Kodak Double-X 5222 ~ Approxx 25 Exposures ~ Freshest Stock of this Beautiful Film

£5.99 Inc. vat

Our best selling rare film, spooled on site by hand to around 25 exposures.

We also offer the Kodak recommended developer (Bellini D96) and fixer (Bellini F5) for this lovely film…the data sheet for this film is HERE

Eastman Kodak 5222 Double X is a classic cinematic film much favoured by stills photographers in the US for decades, we have sourced factory fresh stock so this film has been available from Nik & Trick longer than from any other vendor in the UK…we ONLY use freshest stocks of this wonderful film, no outdated offcuts here!!

Makes 6 to 6400asa but expect best results at the native 250asa although we have tested this to 3200asa with no visible affects to it’s lovely full tonality.

Tip: The best black & white film we have yet seen in low light 😉

Developing Times (click) 

No Remjet on this film!   Just use as per any other b&w film with the added confidence of having extraordinary push/pull available!