Kodak HC-110 ~ One Litre of the Finest Tonal Developer Ever!

£31.50 Inc. vat

Originally developed as a fast developer for press photographers, HC 110 is not a fine grained developer but as it can be heavily diluted is economical for all films.

Popluar with fine art photographers HC-110 offers control over negative contrast which can be very precisely controlled…users of Adams’ Zone System often chose this developer!

HC 110 takes advantage of the film’s full light sensitivity while producing good shadow details, this developer we think lies in between D76 and Xtol.

We’ve found that our Kodak Double-X rated at 400asa gives beautiful results in HC-110 for example….and this will never not be used in our own darkroom!

This stuff is really gloopy so we will give you a free measure to make life easy with every purchase of this, arguable the best developer ever!


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