Ornano Spiano A105 ~ Crinkle Reducing Wash for Fibre Based Papers ~ 1 Litre

£15.65 Inc. vat

The Ornano brothers first set up shop in the 1920s, photo-chemical prodigies, their company went on for decades with the rights to their products being purchased by Mr Bellini in the 2014.

Here we have, new to the UK is this concentrated liquid final rinse formulated to reduce the crinkling of baryta and fibre based papers during the drying phases (air or machine dry)…hopefully saving a lot of final flattening time!

The recommended average dilution is 1+4, and for heated dryers, preparation with de-mineralised water is preferable.

Once diluted, this product can be stored and re-used for a long time as it is very resistant to oxidation and degradation.

Yield: with 1 litre of solution you can treat 3 or more square meters of paper approximately 25 12″ x 10″ (30cmx40cm) sheets or equivalent surface area)

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