The Nik & Trick Remjet Film Solution ~ A C41 Add-On

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This is the final evolution of the Nik & Trick method for dealing with colour motion picture films…ie Kodak Vision3 and Fuji Eterna stocks.

Getting to this stage has taken a LOT of trial and error and now the benefits of all that work is on offer to those that wish to process these films at home…It is aimed at people already processing colour film at home and is a “bolt-on” to your existing C41 kits….it comprises of:

Nik & Trick’s ECN2 Pre-Wash 300ml….the MOST effective Remjet removal method there is.

Bellini RA4 1 litre kit ~ .  RA4 developer is close to the spec of ECN2 developer but lasts longer in storage.  It gives more natural contrast and colour over C41 developer with no colour caste.  (The Blix can be used we believe, at 3x the strength for film over paper but it is preferred at this point in time to use C41 chemistry for that part of the process)

Optional:  Nik & Tricks Extra Good Stabilser (not shown): Larger quantities mean less contamination, resulting in cleaner films. (Please note that legalities mean that this cannot be posted outside of the EU and thus will not be included in purchases made from outside that area)

The above represents a lot of work on our part, we use the same formulae to process these film stocks…if you’re really into these then please first check out or Bellini ENC2 kits