Adox Adofix Plus ~ 1litre Concentrate

£9.25 Inc. vat

Fix intended for all black and white photo materials.  A high-capacity express fixer for black and white photo paper (RC or Fiber-based), film, and sheet films.  Compares to Ilford Rapid Fix

Intended for use in trays, tanks, and machines.

With one litre of concentrate, you can make up to 10 litres of working solution.  Dilution is either 1+4 for film or 1+9 for paper.

Capacity: 1.4 – 2 sq. meters of photo paper of 6-10 films per liter of working solution at 1+9 dilution.  Total capacity: 45 films or 225 sheets of 110×8″cm photo paper.

Excellent price value and it’s good stuff, we’ve used it often

General recommendations for liquid fixers: Liquid fixers stay fresh if kept unopened for about 2 years.  After opening the concentrate should be used up within about 3 months but can last much longer if kept dark and cool

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