Adox Adofix Plus for Film & Papers ~ 1litre/500ml Concentrate

£5.99£9.25 Inc. vat

Fix intended for all black and white photo materials.  A high-capacity express fixer for black and white photo paper (RC or Fiber-based), film, and sheet films.  Compares to Ilford Rapid Fix

Intended for use in trays, tanks, and machines.

Dilution is either 1+4 for film or 1+9 for paper.

Capacity: 1.4 – 2 sq. meters of photo paper of 6-10 films per liter of working solution at 1+9 dilution.  Total capacity: 45 films or 225 sheets of 110×8″cm photo paper.

Excellent price value and it’s good stuff, we’ve used it often

General recommendations for liquid fixers: Liquid fixers stay fresh if kept unopened for about 2 years.  After opening the concentrate should be used up within about 3 months but can last much longer if kept dark and cool

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