Adox Neutol Eco Paper Developer ~ 500ml/1000ml Concentrate

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This paper developer has turned out to be a great product and is very popular amongst the ever increasing numbers of people going into the darkroom….this is an Eco friendly product and very safe for all to use…that’s our bit said so here’s the official stuff:

Neutol ECO is a hydroquinone free high power paper developer based on ascorbic acid.

There are no downturns in quality or process speed.  In fact Neutol Eco is actually faster working than comparable hydroquinone containing developers.
• Excellent activity and fast image build up with very good speed utilisation
• Excellent Dmax
• Very low base fog
• Higher process speed thus possible to work with lower temperatures than
with conventional developers

Regular Dilution: 1+4 (capacity: ca. 5qm/liter)
High Dilution: 1+9 (capacity ca. 4qm/liter)

Developing time for PE-Paper at 20°C: 50 sec.
Developing time for Fibre Based-Paper- at 20°C: 90 sec.

There are no restrictions in respect to current hazmat labelling for the use, transport and discarding of this product making Neutol Eco ideal for schools and workshops.

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