Bellini RA4 Developer Only ~ 2x 100ml to make 1 litre ~ For Vision3 Films or Paper

£4.75 Inc. vat

Especially decanted for Nik & Trick into 100ml each of Part A and Part B to make up to one litre of RA4 colour paper developer.

This quantity has been made especially so that our customers can enjoy the same full rich colour and natural contrast when processing colour Motion Picture films that we achieve in our own processing services.

RA4 developer being similar in origin to the developer as used in the ECN2 process than C41 developer is,  substitute this in place of C41 developer in the developing process then carry on as per normal for much improved results.

Don’t forget to prewash your Vision films first with our Remjet Remover then stabilise twice for cleanest negatives possible in home processing!

Get our flowchart of instructions HERE!

** Please Note **

Parts of this article are classified as hazardous goods. Due to the regulations of the International Air Transport Association (IATA-DGR) we are not allowed to ship this article outside of the European Union.

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