Black & White Developing Starter Kit by Nik & Trick ~ 2x 35mm/120 Version

£52.99 Inc. vat

Complied by Nik & Trick for those wanting to join the club and take up home processing.

We’ve put these together using the best products available with the added twist of giving you a choice of developers….you can see what films each covers on The Massive Dev Chart at

In each kit you will find the following essentials:

  • Paterson Super System Four Developing Tank c/w Two Spirals for 2x 35mm or 1x 120
  • 600ml Paterson Measuring Graduate
  • Adox Thermometer
  • 1lt Adox Adofix P
  • 50ml Kodak PhotoFlo 2000
  • Nik & Trick Guide to Black & White Developing

PLUS your choice of film developer from the following options, the liquid developers being supplied with a measuring syringe:

  • The classic Kodak D76
  • The lovely Bellini Hydrofen

All you need to get going but with a decent amount of chemistry, compiled for the benefit of Nik & Trick customers and packaged to take advantage of best priced postage!

Worried?  Fretting about developing your own films? 

Don’t be…see Richard’s “FUSS FREE GUIDE to B&W  Film Processing”