Isopropanol for Removing Old Camera Light Seals & Leather Glue ~ 50ml or 100ml

£2.85£5.59 Inc. vat

AKA  Surgical Spirit, isopropyl alcohol, and a myriad of other names, this stuff is the safe secret to fitting new light seals

It is the best way to make sure that the receiving areas are clean clean clean!

The best, least harmful way to do it.  Also great for cleaning other bits of equipment…

50mm is more than you’ll need for a single camera by some margin.

We are sorry but we are not currently able to send this product outside of the UK mainland

Nik & Trick tip:  When using fluids to dissolve or loosen then old light seals, be mindful that on some cameras, OM10 is one of them, there may be a breather hole below the viewfinder eyepiece that can let fluids into the prism which is not a good thing!  Keep that area dry…

Data Sheets for this chemical are readily available online and as usual it’s pretty advisable to have a quick read of one.