Kodak Ektachrome 127 Film ~ 100asa Hand Rolled, Process Paid

£21.75£31.75 Inc. vat

From a can of 46mm film we acquired a few months ago, this outdated stock has been tested by us and found to be just fine…being out of date you may encounter some minor colour shifts….as for the perforations….we are open to ideas on that!

This deal includes processing or processing and HAND scanning here at Nik & Trick…(scanning 127 isn’t easy!) to make life easier as so we get our spools and backing paper back for reloading.

You will received one roll 127 Ektachrome plus voucher with your name on to return it with for processing.

Once processed we will send Paypal invoice for return postage (£2.99 UK / £7.00 EU & Worldwide) of your transparencies.

There’s only what’s in the tin so this is a unique offer and represents a small saving over the content if all things were accessed individually….


Remember: 127 film runs very close to the edge of the backing so to reduce the risk of light ingress should be loaded in subdued light.