Lomo Orca 110 B&W Film by Lomography ~ 24 Exposures

£6.89 Inc. vat

We have processed this in the past for people and quite honestly been very impressed with results.

So here are, very happy to be able to offer it to our customers who also love the Pentax 110, Minolta 110 and other cameras.

What we found were lovely negatives with great contrast and grain so fine it really breathes life into this little format.

Lomo say: “The crispy Lomography Orca 110 b/w Film might be small in size, but it yields great depth of field and excellent results even at short focal length. This 110 film makes for extra portable, pocket-friendly fun. A high quality b/w film, the Lomography Orca requires classic b/w processing.”

You can send these films to us for processing but if you prefer to do them yourself the times are shown in the product gallery 🙂

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